When do my socks ship?

Our goal is to process and ship everything in the first 48 hours(US only.) Since we carry and offer so many styles and brands, some socks ship from our sock office in Massachusetts, while others ship directly from the brands themselves.

I am not from the United States, can I still order?

Heck yeah! We offer a flat rate shipping fee to just about anywhere in the world. When ordering, and entering in your country of origin, you will be alerted if your country is in fact a location we can ship to.  If, we have not yet added your home country, email us at info@amanamongsocks.com and I bet we can make it work.

Please Note: Depending upon order size, brands and socks chosen, international order processing can take up to 2 weeks. As we process and gather the order, we will alert you as much as possible and once shipped, a tracking or customs number will be provided.


Can I tell AMAS what type of socks I like?

You bet! email us: info@amanamongsocks.com and tell us what you like. Crazy, bold, only stripes, tacos? umm Ok! Whatever, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.