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Our New Colorful Mens Socks!

Morning Sock Fans! Hey, have you seen our new A Man Among Socks…. socks!? We are super excited to have launched these new colorful mens socks about a month ago. Bringing you 6 styles, 3 stripes and 3 polka dots, all with that spring/summery feel! Now, we have worked hard to find the right quality, […]

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See, Even Science Knows!

We are not a group to mess with or question science…. And here is one very obvious reason why not! http://www.inc.com/tom-popomaronis/science-finally-reveals-the-truth-about-people-who-wear-funky-socks.html Science finally explains and reveals the truth about those who where funky socks, and yes, I agree, we are independent, creative and powerful. Thank you! Cheers gang.

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Socks Socks and More Socks

Hi All, Exciting times here at A Man Among Socks, stay tuned for a huge announcement in the coming weeks! We are talking like POLKA DOT huge stuff! 🙂 You know us and polka dots…. In the mean time, I was tasked by the chief sock officer JC to cruise the inter webs and find […]

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