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A How To: Pair Your Socks

Here at AMAS, we strive to get you all the best in “Mens Socks” and to do so, we are going to try and push more and more awesome content at you! Today we bring a How To: Pair Your Dress/Colorful/Stylish Socks To most, choosing the correct socks may not be near the top of […]

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See, Even Science Knows!

We are not a group to mess with or question science…. And here is one very obvious reason why not! http://www.inc.com/tom-popomaronis/science-finally-reveals-the-truth-about-people-who-wear-funky-socks.html Science finally explains and reveals the truth about those who where funky socks, and yes, I agree, we are independent, creative and powerful. Thank you! Cheers gang.

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Socks Socks and More Socks

Hi All, Exciting times here at A Man Among Socks, stay tuned for a huge announcement in the coming weeks! We are talking like POLKA DOT huge stuff! 🙂 You know us and polka dots…. In the mean time, I was tasked by the chief sock officer JC to cruise the inter webs and find […]

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